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Over the past 20 years David Beardsmore alongside Head Keeper Oliver Davies have developed four exclusive sporting estates located on the Shropshire / Worcestershire borders giving them access to 20,000 acres and over 150 different drives during the shooting season, UK.

We specialise in pheasant, partridge and driven duck shooting, providing challenging shoots in the beautiful Worcestershire/Shropshire countryside. We offer 100-400 bird driven days, which includes first class full hospitality in a number of different stunning locations.

Regardless of whether you are new to driven game shooting or a seasoned experienced shot, David Beardsmore Shooting will tailor make your day to ensure you have a first class driven game experience.

Game Shooting Dates
High flying fast and plentiful, the birds are presented to all abilities and the whole day is run professionally, smoothly and with excellent refreshments throughout the day… highly recommended.
Mr. Rupert Thurgood

Extra Services

David Beardsmore Shooting also offers a range of services covering every aspect of your day to make your experience complete.

Shooting Chauffeurs

If needed, a driver for a shoot day can be arranged.

Gun Hire

It is possible to hire guns from David for a shoot day. This must be requested prior to the shoot day.


Cartridges can be bought from David, who recommends Eley cartridges, particularly VIP game and Zenith game.

In-field Shooting Instructors

David can offer tuition out in the field on a shoot day to help improve shooting accuracy.


Someone to load cartridges on the drive and carry equipment to and from the drive can be arranged upon request prior to the shoot day.


If requested, it can be organised for a photographer to come out on a shoot day to photograph the day.

Typical shooting day at our Arley Estate

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shooting season at winwood estate

Winwood Estate

Winwoods typifies English driven game shooting, situated on the Shropshire, Worcestershire border, between Bewdley and Bridgnorth.

Winwood Estate
shooting season at davenport house estate

Davenport House Estate

Davenport House estate is situated in the West Midlands, in the beautiful Shropshire countryside, just east of Bridgnorth.

Davenport House
shooting season, uk at sodington hall

Sodington Hall Estate

Sodington Hall Shoot is located on the Shropshire Worcestershire border, under one hour from Birmingham.

Sodington Hall
shooting season, uk at sodington hall

Astbury Hall Estate

Astbury Hall Shoot is situated just outside Bridgnorth in Shropshire, along the Severn Valley, less than one hour West of Birmingham and half an hour from the M54. The shoot at Astbury features high wooded banks and rolling hills, presenting quality pheasant and partridge.

Astbury Hall
shooting season, uk at sodington hall

Shirlett Park Estate

Shirlett Park Shoot is situated a few miles outside the medieval town of Much Wenlock close to the magnificent Wenlock Edge escarpment, just one hour from Birmingham and half an hour from the M54.

Shirlett Park

Looking to improve your eye in the field?

Whether you are looking for one-on-one in-field instruction or want a full improvement plan, David is a professional coach with over 25 years experience offering his knowledge and expertise in the field. David will help you identify weak areas in your game shooting that may need improvement, whilst helping you to develop additional skills by implementing advanced techniques, thereby building your confidence in your game shooting and ensuring you get the results you require.

David coaches all ages and abilities of shooter from the novice to the experienced and travels throughout the UK with clients.

Contact David

Available Game Days

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There are lots of great places to stay around the beautiful area of Shropshire and Worcestershire. Here is a list of some of the best in the area close to the estates.

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What are the best chokes for Game Shooting?

If you are shooting targets that are particularly close, less than 25 yards, open chokes (cylinder or skeet) are generally recommended. In most cases a combination of improved cylinder & half choke will probably suffice and a combination of half & half may be preferable for to deal with longer range targets without too much compromising at short-range. The tighter chokes tend to ‘kill’ the bird, whether clay or feathered, more cleanly and thereby increase confidence.

In the case of extreme pheasants/partridges/ducks many find that the combination of ¾ / ¾ or full / full chokes to be the most effective, especially when using longer barrels which have the effect of slightly increasing shot velocity. However, chokes which are too tight may result in ‘blown’ patterns, which are uneven and ineffective. Please don’t forget if you are using cartridges containing steel shot these should only be used with a maximum of half choke. This is due to the fact that steel does not deform nearly as much as lead and will significantly increase pressure created within the barrel, potentially damaging a heavily choked gun and injuring the shooter.

  • General game shooting a combination of 1/4 (improved cylinder) & 1/2 chokes for most situations
  • Extreme (very high) driven birds, 3/4 and full chokes may be required
  • For walked-up and rough shooting, where birds are closer, cylinder or improved cylinder is best.

Shotgun choke constriction chart

Why is there a shooting season?

Shooting seasons occur at set times of the year to ensure the correct conservation and management of game species. The shooting season, when it is legal to shoot game, is known as the open season. Any time outside of the shooting season is known as the closed season, with it being illegal to shoot game during this time. The shooting season for each species of game varies, so it is important to check when the open season is.

Why are there no game shoots on Sundays and Christmas Day?

Game shooting is considered illegal on Christmas Day and Sundays (both in and out of the open season), therefore it is against the law for game shoots to take place on these days.

When is duck shooting season?

Duck shooting season runs from 1st September to 31st January in the UK. Driven duck shooting is available with David Beardsmore Shooting, on two estates, with dates from 1st September.

When is partridge shooting season?

Partridge shooting season runs from 1st September to 1st February in Great Britain. There are two types of partridge that are shot in the UK; the Red-legged partridge and the Grey partridge. Whilst there are two types that are shot in the UK, the most common type of partridge shot in the UK is the Red-Legged partridge.

David Beardsmore Shooting offers both partridge and pheasant shooting on the same shoot throughout the open season.

When is pheasant shooting season?

Pheasant shooting season takes place between 1st October and 1st February in Great Britain. Driven pheasant shooting is offered with David Beardsmore Shooting on four estates from 1st October.

The UK is traditionally the home of driven pheasant shooting, with David Beardsmore Shooting offering partridge shooting alongside our pheasant shoots. There is more information on our blog about pheasant shooting season.

Game Shooting Season

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