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About David's shooting lessons

Former World Champion and England Shooting Team Captain David Beardsmore is a professional coach who has a wealth of knowledge and experience at his disposal enabling him to deliver first class shooting lessons. With a calm, patient approach and easy to understand instruction, David has over 25 years of coaching experience and helps to improve all abilities, whether you’re a novice or seasoned shooter. He currently coaches some of the top competitive / game shots in the world. See testimonials

For competitive shooters, David uses time tested techniques and proven mental focussing tactics, which will unlock your full potential and give you the competitive edge needed to make those all important shots and reach the very top of your game!
David aims to teach you the skills that will enable you to develop technique and become a proficient clay shooter to allow you to reach your personal goals. With clear and informative instruction, David will definitely develop every aspect of your shooting and certainly take your shooting to the next level.

New to shooting

At David Beardsmore Shooting we welcome newcomers to the sport. If you’ve never shot before or have limited experience then don’t worry, David will teach you all of the basics on your first visit, then create an extensive structured lesson plan tailored to the individual to ensure you have all the skills and the correct technique to develop into a confident shooter whether it be social clays, game shooting or even the next World Champion!

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Shooting lessons from beginners to advanced

Clay Shooting is a mental and tactical sport which requires precision and focus. David can put together a personal development programme, completely tailored to improving your skills whilst at the same time, fine tuning your competitive performance, by introducing advanced techniques which are used by professionals at the top of their game in the sport. By identifying your needs, strengths and weaknesses, David will increase your confidence using confirmed routines and proven focusing tools.

David coaches all levels, abilities and ages.

Buying the right gun

Purchasing a gun is a big investment, and it’s important that you make the right decisions. Having the right gun will make a real difference to your shooting, and help you to unlock your full potential. David can provide you with expert advice on purchasing the right gun, including guidance on where to go and what to look for in the gun that’s right for you.

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I have been getting shooting lessons off David for 5 years now. He has not only taught me his faultless system, but also given me the confidence in myself and the mental strength I’ve needed to achieve everything I have to date.
Emma Parkinson

No 1 Lady In The CPSA UK Rankings
England Shooting Team

Shooting lesson FAQ

How long do shooting lessons last?

The lessons can last anywhere between half an hour (for the Introductory lesson) to two hours (for the Advanced lesson). We don’t stick to these, though, as we want to go at your pace.

Is there a dress code?

No, but we would respectfully ask that smart/casual is worn. We advise people to wear comfortable outdoor clothing and footwear, suitable for the weather on the day.

How do I apply for a shotgun license?

If you visit the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) website or the Clay Pigeon Shooting  Association you will find information on how to apply for a license with your local police force.

Do I need a shotgun licence to attend a shooting lesson?

No but if bringing your own gun you should travel with your licence.

Where do the shooting lessons take place?

David is based at Doveridge Clay Sports in Derbyshire.

How much do shooting lessons cost?

Shooting lessons with David Beardsmore cost £75 per hour which excludes clays and cartridges.

Do I need my own gun to have a shooting lesson?

No, we will always be able to provide you with the right shotgun and correct cartridges. We have access to over 500 different shotguns and can provide you with the correct calibre shotgun based on your height, build and preference.

What is the minimum age to come clay pigeon shooting?

There is no minimum age - However children that come shooting with must be of a good build. We would normally recommend children around the age of 10/12 upwards.

Will clay pigeon shooting hurt my shoulder or face?

My professional shooting coaches will always make sure that we provide you with a gun suitable to your height and build. Most men shoot with a 12 bore, ladies a 20 bore and children a 28 bore or 410. The correct gun, along with low recoil cartridges, professional instruction and the correct gun mounting position will all ensure you enjoy your shoot.

Looking to improve your eye in the field?

Whether you are looking for one-on-one in-field instruction or want a full improvement plan, David is a professional coach with over 25 years experience offering his knowledge and expertise in the field. David will help you identify weak areas in your Game Shooting that may need improvement, whilst helping you to develop additional skills by implementing advanced techniques, thereby building your confidence in your Game Shooting and ensuring you get the results you require.

David coaches all ages and abilities of shooter from the novice to the experienced and travels throughout the UK with clients.

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