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gun Fitting Service

Enquire about gun fitting

gun-Fitting service

David is a shotgun fitting service, with over 25 years of experience and for several years David has also worked with the team at Beretta and Premier Guns advising clients on the correct gun fit.

David provides highly personalised and professional guidance to correct gun fit ensuring the point of impact is accurate and correct. Gun fit is absolutely crucial if you want to get the best out of your shooting and realise your full potential. David has a reputation for being an absolute perfectionist when it comes to gun fitting. With David ‘near enough’ isn’t good enough.

David will carry out a comprehensive gun fitting service which covers all the fundamentals of a professional gun fit including assessment of your shotgun mount and also arrange any alterations if required. David also provides expert advice on purchasing the right gun, including instruction on where to go and what to look for from leading retailers

Gun Fit - Extra Services

Repairs & modifications

Any repairs can be made to any type of shotgun, alongside modifications, such as combs, chokes and recoil pads.

Gun Stock Alterations

The shotgun stock can be altered in order to achieve the following; length, cast, comb, height and pitch. These correct measurements will help realise perfect gun fit which, in turn, will lead to the correct point of impact.

Recoil pads / Leather covered recoil pads

Recoil pads are placed at the end of the stock and are designed to reduce the recoil felt by the shooter.

Shotgun Servicing

Shotgun servicing involves stripping the gun entirely, checking the gun for wear and tear, making any repairs to the gun,cleaning and oiling the gun. Any residue is removed from the bores and the chambers and barrels are polished.

Gun stock refinishing

Stock refinishing is the process of improving the look of the shotgun. There are several types of finish available for refinishing stocks.

Barrel blueing and blacking

Barrel blueing is the process of improving the finish on the barrels of the shotgun and overall, to improve the look of the shotgun. This also provides the opportunity for any dents or scratches in the barrels to be removed.

Adjustable combs

Adjustable combs work by allowing the height of the shotgun to be moved up, down or sideways to allow the shooter to get the best fit.

Enquire about gun fitting
"To have a gun fitted to your personal measurements is one of the best ways to improve your shooting.  I have recently had the opportunity to have two guns fitted by David. I can only say that David is the consummate professional when undertaking this very skilled work and he will not rest until the optimum result is achieved. My shooting has improved dramatically both in consistency and accuracy following working with David both on the gun fitting and his expert tuition."
Martyn Edwards

Gun Fitting Dimensions & Terminology

Length of pull or lop:

Stock length is measured from the front of the trigger blade to the back of the recoil pad.  Many guns have moveable trigger blades  so always take measurements by first putting the trigger in the neutral position.  This will vary from maker to maker but is normally obvious when you look.  If you are not able to move the trigger make sure you note alongside the measurement the position the trigger blade was in when you measured.


Cast is the horizontal offset of a stock that allows your eye to line up with the rib.  Viewed from above, barrels forward, stock bent to the right we call “cast-off”, and to the left “cast-on”.  Cast-off or right hand cast is normally for right handed shots whilst cast-on or left cast is for lefties. Cast is typically measured at heel and toe and sometimes at “face” which is the midpoint from front of comb to heel.


Pitch is a measurement that primarily delivers comfort and control of recoil.  For those who don’t know, pitch is the vertical angle of the face of the butt, normally measured in relation to the top line of the rib.

Drop at comb / heel or comb height:

Arguably the most critical dimension. Drop is measured at the comb (the front/nose of the comb) at the heel (the rear of the comb) and also a central “drop at face” measurement is taken. Comb height is the one dimensions that seems to worry shooters more than any other and yet it is the easiest to get right.  Before you can successfully shoot with a shotgun you must first be able to see your target and you cannot do that if your comb is too low.


When it comes to gun fit, grip is probably the least widely talked about but incredibly important. The correct grip dimensions will allow for a more consistent gun mount and more control of the shotgun.


The modern shotgun should balance either on the hinge pin, or about three eights of an inch behind it, but there’s more to it than that. The main weight of the gun should be concentrated in the part between your hands. In other words, between the middle of the fore-end chequering and the pistol grip. If the balance of your shotgun is correct you will achieve far greater control and much better handling.

Enquire about gun fitting
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Gun Fitting FAQ

How much does a gun fit cost?

2 hour gun fitting session with David costs £150.

What should I wear?

Its essential you wear your shooting jacket/skeet vest etc that you normally wear while shooting. Also if you use prescription shooting glasses please make sure you bring them to the session.

How long will it take to fit my shotgun?

Gun fitting session normally takes roughly 2 hours.

I don’t have an expensive shotgun - Does this make a difference?

No, All shotguns can and should be fitted. Although there are limitations in the degree to which they can be altered.

I don’t have an expensive shotgun - Does this make a difference?

No, All shotguns can and should be fitted. Although there are limitations in the degree to which they can be altered.

I would like a custom stock/gun made - Is this possible?

Yes, David works alongside Beretta and Premier guns and is part of the VIP custom guns team. Check out this link for more information

Do all guns need fitting?

Yes, Manufacturers produce ‘standard’ dimensions for a worldwide market. This means that many people that purchase an ‘off the shelf’ shotgun will either need to have the stock altered or they compensate for ill fitting.

How important is my shotgun mount?

When it comes to gun fitting, the shotgun mount is the most important factor. If you have a technically correct and consistent shotgun mount you will realise a much better gun fit.