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About Our Simulated Game Shooting Days

David Beardsmore offers a selection of simulated game shooting days, at several exclusive country estates set in the stunning rolling countryside of Shropshire & Worcestershire. Experience all the thrill and excitement of a driven shooting day without the feathers and at a fraction of the cost!

Set amongst ideal shooting country, with truly spectacular Shropshire & Worcestershire scenery. Our clay pigeon shooting days offers your party of 12 to 24 guns a complete and unforgettable simulated game experience. Our drives consist of Grouse, Partridge, Duck, Pigeon and high Pheasant. Come and shoot our sim game drives and test your shooting skills, this really is the nearest you will come to driven game shooting.

  • 7000 / 9000 clays over several different authentic game drives
  • Full hospitality included
  • Full teams or single guns
  • Corporate days
  • Best value simulated game days in the UK
  • Prices start from £195 per gun
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Typical Itinerary

Our aim is to simulate as closely as possible, the flight pattern of pheasant, partridge, ducks and even pigeon. Maybe even a cheeky bolting rabbit!

A typical simulated game shooting day begins with guests meeting for breakfast where you will enjoy a bacon roll (or two) with tea and coffee. Depending upon which estates we are shooting at, this may be at the main house, a shoot lodge or country pub.

Once we have finished breakfast the shoot host will discuss the day with you and explain all of the safety features. Don’t worry if you haven’t shot on a sim day before, we will have staff on hand to assist and advise you.

We set out for the first of two morning drives and enjoy drinks and nibbles between each drive. We then head back to the house or lodge for a brilliant lunch and return to the field for two more drives and conclude the day with more drinks and nibbles.

We run each of the drives twice so one guest will shoot and the other will load, then you switch. This ensures that everyone is always involved throughout the day!

Each Gun can expect to shoot about 350/500 cartridges a day, many more if you are keen on poaching!

*Please note: cartridges are not included in the daily price. Loaders, Guns, Cartridges are available at an extra cost for your simulated game day if required.

*Please note that inexperienced/novice guns will require an Instructor on the day which we would be pleased to arrange for you if necessary

Simulated game shooting at davenport house

Davenport House

Davenport House estate is situated in the West Midlands, in the beautiful Shropshire countryside, just east of Bridgnorth.

Davenport House


What Equipment Do I Need for a Simulated Game Shooting Day?

The main things needed on a simulated game day is a shotgun and cartridges. A cap/hat and safety glasses will also be needed, as these are important safety measures when shooting on a simulated game day. Hearing protection is also highly recommended, with common types of hearing protection being earplugs and ear defenders. David Beardsmore uses emtec ear plugs and highly recommends them.

Can a Beginner Shoot on a Simulated Game Day?

It is possible for beginners to shoot on a simulated game day, however it is important to make sure that the shoot organiser is aware.  For a beginner to shoot on a simulated game day, they would have to hire a gun from David and would have to be stood with an instructor whilst they are shooting.

What are the Best Chokes for a Simulated Game Day?

The best chokes to use on a simulated game day are the same chokes used on a game day, which are a quarter and a half.

Do I Need my Gun Fitting to Be Able to Shoot Clay Pigeons?

Having a gun correctly fitted is not a requirement to shoot clay pigeons, it is possible to be able to shoot clay pigeons without having a gun fitted. However, having a gun well-fitted gun will allow the shooter to shoot more consistently and requires less body adaptation to achieve a good mount and a successful shot. We offer a fully detailed gun fitting service if you need it.

What is the Cost of a Simulated Game Day?

One of the advantages of a simulated game day is that cost of the day is much lower compared to a game day. The cost of a simulated game day with David Beardsmore Shooting is from £175 per gun. This price includes 8,000-9,000 clays and full hospitality. Look at our Arley Estate to see what a sim day consist of.

What are the Best Cartridges to Use on a Simulated Game Shoot?

The best cartridges for shooting on a simulated game day are 21g or 24g 7s/7.5s/8s. When on a simulated clay day, roughly 400-500 cartridges will be shot throughout the day, therefore it is important to use a lighter load cartridge, as there will be less felt recoil. David recommends Eley cartridges, and when shooting on a simulated day uses either 21g or 24g Eley Select.

What are the Main Differences between a Game Day and a Simulated Game Day?

One of the main differences between game days and simulated games days is obviously, the targets. On game days, the targets are game birds (pheasants, partridge, duck etc.), however on a simulated game days, the targets are clay pigeons. This then leads to another major difference between the two days, which is shooting other guns’ targets. On a game day, shooting another guns’ birds is seen as poor etiquette and bad manners, however on a simulated game day this is encouraged. Finally, another major difference is the volume of targets. On a game day, there will be a set number of birds (with David Beardsmore Shooting this is usually between 150 and 500 birds), however on a simulated day there will be a presentation of thousands of clay pigeons, there is no set limit to the day.

What is the Format of a Simulated Clay Shooting Day?

Simulated game days are similar to game days, with guns shooting a series of drives, however the targets being shot are clay pigeons as opposed to game birds. A simulated game day with David Beardsmore Shooting presents clays in four drives, with guns standing at two pegs per drive. There will be 12-24 guns on a simulated day, the guns will pair up, meaning there will be two guns per stand on a drive, with the guns switching between loading and shooting. After each drive, there will be a short break for hospitality, including drinks, elevenses and lunch.

Clay simulated game daysimulated game shootingSimulated game shooting

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