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Winwoods typifies English driven game shooting, situated on the Shropshire, Worcestershire border, between Bewdley and Bridgnorth. The shoot extends over 2000 acres, incorporating deep grass valleys, cover crops and mature woodland from which pheasant and partridge are driven.

Whilst the variety of landscape supports shooting of all abilities, the long established drives provide the most challenging high birds for the most experienced shot.

Winwoods produces some excellent early partridge and duck shooting in September and October. The shoot is famous for testing duck shooting off the numerous pools on the estate, some of which have been in situ for years, and others new. The shoot offers some of the best varied pheasant shooting in the area, and the high quality of the birds shown ensure the return of teams year after year.

Single or double days back to back from 100 - 400 birds can be arranged to accommodate 7 to 10 guns in a team, single guns, and small teams are all welcome. Please ring to discuss individual requirements.

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Typical Itinerary

On arrival you will be greeted by the shoot host with coffee and tea before the briefing and drawing of pegs. On a typical DB shooting day at the Winwood Estate the guns meet for breakfast at  9am.

The shooting party move off shortly after 9.30am in either our gun bus or vehicles depending on requirements . The morning will consist of two drives followed by Elevenses then a further drive before lunch which is severed either in the shoot lodge or in the field.

The day is completed by a further one or two drives to achieve the required bag. At the end of the shoot day the party will return back to the shoot lodge or one of our hospitality venues for a choice of dining options.


Catering is tailored to fit the requirements of all types of teams to a standard which is renowned. The day generally includes freshly cooked buffet breakfast in the shoot room, and type of lunch is provided to suit. There is a selection of excellent local country pubs, all offering accommodation, and all within close proximity to the shoot. Hotels can be recommended on request.

winwood game shootwinwood game shootwinwood game shootwinwood game shoot

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We have no available dates for the 2022/23 season.  Our new dates for the 2023/24 season will be available soon.

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