Tony Ward

If you want to shoot skeet properly and achieve high scores, there is only one coach to go to and that is David Beardsmore. Since taking up skeet shooting I have sought advice from a number of coaches and teachers. What you find is that most who purport to be knowledgeable can only tell you if you missed behind orin front and you are given advice that may suit the person who is teaching you but does not necessarily work for you.

What you need is an individual approach. From David you will get an holistic approach from feet position, through to kill position, to hold position, to where to place your eyes, to calling pull and what to do thereafter to make sure that you not only hit the target but do soin the right place. David has a system that he utilises but it is not rigid and he is capable of adapting his approach to meet the individual needs and responses and abilities of his clients.

Dorset county shooting team
Dorset county champion