Samantha Rhodes

I started having lessons with David less than two years ago, I was a little apprehensive about going as I had a very unorthodox way of shooting I was getting some ok scores but it was very inconsistent.

On the first lesson we sat down and discussed what I wanted to achieve in my shooting and my goals I said kind of jokingly I wanted to make the England skeet team. David said no problem.

Over the last year or so in our monthly lessons David has gradually changed my shooting to become more correct and consistent I now have a clear system to follow when I get on each stand which has made me much more confident in my ability and when the clays break its not just a lucky shot but something I can recreate over and over.

This year I decided to enter the England selection shoots with the thought it would be good experience David told me if I worked hard and shot as I know I can that I would be good enough to make the team I though he was just doing a very good confidence boosting lesson.

I shot the selection shoots remembering everything I have been taught in my lessons and sure enough as David had said I was the highest scoring lady over the four days and made the England team on my first attempt at it.
If you are serious about improving your shooting competitively or just for fun David is definitely the person to choose as your coach in the time I have has my lessons not once have I asked a question or had a problem that he cant fix and considering I have zero hand to eye coordination this is no mean feat.

Thank you so much David for your knowledge and support.

England Shooting Team