Kevin Ledwood

I am a great believer there is a sport for everyone and like most people I have participated in most , Shooting Sporting is the one I have most excelled at , I didn’t get there on my own , I invested in a Top UK & International Coach , David Beardsmore . David , has been shooting all his life from a young lad , taught by his father , equally capable of winning great things and  has passed on a wealth of gun knowledge ,  David took this knowledge , processed it and went on to win multiple championships in the Clay shooting world. David was recommended to me by a good friend, I had one goal ! Not to win multi championships , but to be taught  to hold my own in a clay or game field with the very best , David Beardsmore trained me like his apprentice , like he does with all his clients , he’s particular to perfection , like all apprenticeships they take time , you learn from years of experience , you learn by past mistakes , my advice to anyone looking for that one true sport they love go for it , and if its Shooting , there is no one better than Coach David Beardsmore . We continue coaching sessions to keep the skill level high and mix clay and game shooting throughout the year . David’s Game Seasons , are excellent value for money and great testing birds , you need to be in top form to get the most , but David can cater for all standards , truly enjoy my sport under the coaching direction of David Beardsmore , It has been a worthwhile Investment.

A sincere testimony to your coaching direction .